Jordan Salem
Radiant Skin OC – Orange County, CA

I’ve been using hard wax for years and haven’t found anything comparable until trying Lala Wax! The quality of product, price, and that nice blue sparkle completely out shine any other wax I’ve used before. What really caught my attention was the wax doesn’t crack!!!!!!!! This is unheard of in the hard wax world. Less mess and easier for speed waxing. Even in terms of client sensitivities and redness I feel like this wax accommodates to it all. From facial features to body this wax gives a more effective result with less strips applied. I’m hooked and have officially switched over to Lala Wax!

Katelyn Herenda
The Smooth Room – Fullerton, Ca

I absolutely LOVE it. First, the color caught my eye, such a beautiful blue. I did a leg and a brow wax, it was super easy to spread on the skin and even a thin layer of it picked up the hair without breaking super easy. My client also had really dry skin and a ton of ingrown hairs but the wax was very forgiving and I felt like I still didn’t have to do too many touch ups so I can see the wax going very far! I also did a brow, my client had sensitive skin, the wax didn’t leave her red, and was again very easy to apply evenly and picked up all the hair! I am actually very impressed! I definitely think I will make the switch!!! Thank you so much!!!

Kristen Fernandez
Skin Alchemist inside of the Design Studio – Montebello, CA

Trying Lala Wax opened my eyes to a new level of hard wax. Not only was it fun to use (and shimmery like a mermaid), it was easy to use, and quite effective. It was a new experience not only using it on someone else but also having my own wax done with it as well! With more flexibility than your typical hard wax, lighter consistency, and smooth application, it made for a comfortable wax with no hair breakage and great results! Can’t wait to play with it some more!