Lavish Skin Trio

Our “Lavish Skin Trio” pack includes the following:

Ingrown Hair Serum (1.7 FL OZ)

LALA Wax™ Ingrown Hair Serum is what we call, “Magic in a Bottle!” Our special serum must be used at least twice a day to see its full benefits. It helps soothe skin, helps with gentle exfoliation in between your waxes, and treats and prevents any ingrown hairs. A little goes a long way

  • Keeps skin clear of breakouts and ingrown hairs
  • Gentle and soothing exfoliation between waxes
  • Helps treat scarring and discoloration

Slow Me Down Body Lotion (6.7 FL OZ)

LALA Wax™ Body Lotion should be used daily. It helps and keeps your skin moisturized throughout the day. Keeping your hairs and skin hydrated is going to help your future waxing appointments. If your roots are hydrated, it is easier for the wax to pull your hairs out; therefore, it will be less painful for the client.

  • A lightweight lotion that absorbs quickly that leaves the skin energized and radiant
  • Provides skin with long-lasting moisture to help improve skin tone and texture
  • Fresh and floral aroma

Salt & Oil Body Scrub (350 Grams)

Our Salt & Oil Body Scrub will leave you feeling clean and refreshed! You will feel like you left a spa after using this on your entire body. Sea Scrub will help gently exfoliate your dead cells, which will leave your skin feeling very smooth and soft. By doing so, your hairs will now have a proper passageway to grow and this will help prevent any ingrown hairs from occurring.

  • Exotic and luxurious exfoliant that buffs away, dull life-less skin cells and reveals beautiful glowing skin
  • Nourish and soothes dehydrated skin
  • Refreshing coconut aroma



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