Lala Wax™ Premier Kit

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The LALA Wax™ Premier Kit comes with an online educational training course valued at $700.00. This is a perfect kit for an on the go student or at home services. As a Professional you will have all you need from LALA Flexi Wax™ to Pre and Post Wax after care along with Equipment and Supplies.

The LALA Wax™ Premier Kit includes:

  • 1lb. Flexi Wax™
  • 2oz. Pre Wax Cleanser
  • 2oz. Pre Wax Oil
  • 1oz. Diamond powder
  • 2oz. Ingrown Hair Serum
  • 2oz. Calming Cream
  • 2oz.Slow Me Down Body Lotion
  • 8oz.Salt and Oil Scrub


  • LALA Wax™ Warmer (14oz)
  • LALA Wax™ Apron
  • Small (50 pcs.) applicators
  • Medium (50pcs.) applicators

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