LALA Wax™ Diamond Kit

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The Diamond Kit comes with 3 Student Certification Course Value for 11,509.99 for 4,009.99 along with all you need as a Professional from start to finish from LALA Wax™ Flexi Wax™ to Pre and Post Wax after care along with Equipment, Supplies and a Welcome Kit.

The LALA Wax™ Diamond Kit includes:

  • (Three) 22lbs. Flexi Wax ™
  • (Three) 32oz. Pre Wax Cleanser
  • (Three) 32oz. Pre Wax Oil
  • (Eight) 10oz. Diamond Powder
  • (Three) 16oz. Calming Cream
  • (Three) 32oz.Slow Me Down Body Lotion
  • (Four) 32oz. Ingrown Hair Serum


  • (Twenty-Eight) 1.7oz Ingrown Hair Serum
  • (Twenty-Eight) Lavish Skin Trio (Ingrown Hair Serum, Slow me Down Body Lotion, Salt & Oil Body Scrub)

Equipment and Supplies

  • (Two) LALA Wax™ Warmer (L) Stainless Steel 10 pounds
  • LALA Wax™ Warmer (S) Stainless Steel 2 pounds
  • (Six) LALA Wax™ Aprons
  • (Three) Body Spray Bottle Set
  • Stainless Steel Tweezer/Scissor Set

Welcome Kit

  • Promotional Posters
  • Template Brochure for Co -Branding
  • Promotional Videos for Monitor T.V. display

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