1. What is a professional?

An individual who has obtained a license with the state. (ex. Esthetician, Cosmetology, Nail Technician)

2. How do you become a certified LALA Wax™ specialist?

You must complete the in-person education/training which is available through purchasing one of our LALA Wax™ Salon Kits.

3. Is it free to become a professional?

Yes, as long as you show proof of your state license.

4. How do I place an order?

You can purchase product and LALA Wax™ Salon Kits directly from our website

5. When will I receive my orders?

You will receive a tracking number once everything is shipped out through your email that you have given to us

6. How fast is shipping?

Shipping is around 7 business days

8. Where can I find a LALA Wax™ specialist near me?

On the top of our website, you can check out our certified LALA Wax™ specialists in your area.

9. Who can purchase products and kits?

You must be a professional to purchase products and LALA Wax™ Salon Kits