Amber DuBois
Anaheim, Ca

I love that Lala Wax’s Flexi Wax leaves no redness after waxing so I don’t have to worry about going out after getting waxed like I used to. I also love how it’s pain free in comparison to other waxes. I used to choose threading over waxing, but after discovering Lala Wax there’s no going back for me.

Thomas Neill
Newport, Ca

This was my first time getting waxed with Flexi Wax and I had an amazing experience. Let me tell you the wax speaks for itself. It applies so smoothly, and feels very comfortable on the skin. It was was so painless! I have very sensitive skin and I had no problems with this wax. After a couple weeks I saw the hairs were already coming back thinner! I will definitely be back.

Camille Caliolio
Yorba Linda, Ca.

I LOVED my LALA Wax service! It was the most painless waxing experience I’ve ever experienced. I got my arms, legs, and nose waxed, and it was much quicker and more hair was removed than other places who used other waxes. Besides having great products, LALA Wax trains their specialists to give the highest quality of services.

Mike Planty
Whittier, Ca.

I got the Ingrown Hair Serum because a friend of mine told me that it would help, and I am happy I did. It didn’t take long to see the difference and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Gabby Estrada
Whittier, Ca.

In my Experience The LALA Wax Slow me Down Body Lotion kept my skin feeling smooth and moisturized after getting waxed. I like that it doesn’t feel oily or greasy and I would recommend it to everyone.