Are Male Estheticians a Real Thing?

Why are male Estheticians uncommonly heard of? This is a question that I ask myself on the daily. The waxing industry is predominately dominated by females with even billboards, campaigns, and waxing care products all targeted towards women. I would like to speak of my personal experience and offer insight of this industry from a male’s perspective.

As in any profession, education is the key factor in building a strong foundation. While in school, I learned and become knowledgeable about waxing and my passion for this industry grew even bigger. However, there were many obstacles I had to face. There were a lot of modifications always needing to be made on my part for simply being a male. I had to watch my pressure during massages, facials, extractions and waxing. Let’s not forget the size of my big man hands. I got a chance to refine my techniques and movements to please my clients which I believe was great preparation for the “real world”. As you know, there is no such thing as the perfect client. There will always be someone to give you constructive criticism to help you grow. School usually doesn’t come with these opportunities, but I was lucky to be able to encounter them.

Stepping onto the scene once you get your license can be a scary thing, especially being a young male. On one hand, you are ecstatic to have the stress lifted off your shoulders from passing the state boards, but on the other, now you have your whole career ahead of you. You’re not sure where to go, who to talk too and where to apply. It’s all up in the air. On top of it all, a lot of corporate businesses don’t hire male Estheticians because they feel that women will not be comfortable or will feel judged.

My whole life I have always been surrounded by women. That is where I felt the most comfortable and was never bothered by it. As a licensed professional, my clients are all valuable to me, regardless of whether they are male or female. I believe we should make everyone feel welcomed and create opportunities based on skills and one’s passion. I look forward to seeing this industry grow into something more and firmly believe that this industry will develop to the point where males will eventually even out the playing field.

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