LALA’s Flexi Wax™ is very malleable because it is a combination of a soft wax and a hard wax. The flexibility of a wax is extremely important for professionals because of the anatomy of the human body. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so having a wax that can be applied smoothly is very important as a wax specialist.

Quick and Easy Setting

Flexi Wax™ sets very quickly which is great for speed waxing. This allows professionals to work efficiently without compromising precision. When Flexi Wax™ strips are applied, the wax wraps around each hair follicle resulting in hair being thoroughly removed in the first pass.

Full Face and Body Use

LALA’s Flexi Wax™ can be used from head to toe. It is made with natural beeswax which is known for having incredible skin conditioning properties making it great for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, because of its pliability, Flexi Wax™ is great for the face too.

Efficient Removal

LALA’s Flexi Wax™ removes hair effectively on the first pass which results in a clean, smooth finish for clients, and because of the supple nature of the wax, it is also more comfortable. Two passes and a possible clean up strip, if necessary, is all that is needed when using LALA’s Flexi Wax™.

Minimal Redness and Irritation

With calming and soothing conditioners in the Flexi Wax™, the client will experience very minimal irritation and redness. Redness and irritation can often be alarming for clients although it is a natural part of the waxing process. Flexi Wax™ is easy on the skin because there are no strips involved to lift the skin or to cause any additional irritations.

Natural Beeswax

All clients want to hear the word “natural”, especially when it comes to something that they are putting on their skin! Clients will feel safe knowing that there are no harsh chemicals in the wax that is being applied to their body.

Consistent Temperature

The temperature of our LALA Wax™ warmers are consistent all around the sides, and on the bottom, which offer a consistent temperature throughout. Temperature is crucial to gain the full benefits of the wax and for proper hair removal as well as for the protection and comfort of the guests.

Great for Beginners

Flexi Wax™ is great for beginners! The strips lay smoothly due to its flexibility, and remove easily without breakage giving clients a positive experience throughout the whole process. The wax also sets quickly which will allow students to maximize their time in order to refine their technique and performance.

LALA Wax™ Training and Education

Training in both written and practical education will prepare professionals to use LALA’s Flexi Wax™ properly and efficiently. With proper preparation, LALA Wax™ specialists will gain the confidence to be at ease with their clients for seamless performance each and every time.

Shrink Wrap Technology

LALA Wax™’s shrink wrap technology adheres to the hair by wrapping around each follicle very closely allowing full hair removal from the root with little to no added discomfort.