10 Reasons Why Clients Love
LALA Wax™ Flexi Wax™

Flexi Wax™ is Flexible

Flexi Wax™ is a pliable wax that offers flexibility. This wax is applied as a soft wax and sets as a hard wax would. There are no strips applied to the wax which will result in minimum discomfort.

Flexi Wax™ is Quick Setting

Flexi Wax™ when applied properly sets quickly which will reduce the time in your services allowing the client to be able to fit their waxing services in even on a busy schedule or a lunch break from the office.

Flexi Wax™ is Non-Irritating

Flexi Wax™ is non-irritating which is extremely comforting to you as the client. Skin conditioners allow the wax to be forgiving on the skin. There is no residue left behind to clog pores or cause breakouts.

Flexi Wax™ holds a comfortable temperature of 67 degrees C

Flexi Wax™ is held at a consistent temperature of 67 degrees C making it very comfortable on the skin when applied. This temperature will guarantee you as the client no burns, no lifting of the skin and less irritation after your waxing service.

Full Skin Care Regimen

Flexi Wax™ also comes with a full skincare line offering the highest quality ingredients to our clients for all Post Wax concerns. LALA’s Ingrown Hair Serum is applied to the client’s skin directly after each service. LALA’s Salt and Oil Exfoliating Body scrub will remove dead cells three times a week allowing the hair to grow freely onto the surface of the skin. Slow me Down Body Lotion will keep the hair growth thin and fine and growing at a slower pace also keeping the skin hydrated and conditioned.

Less Breakage

Flexi Wax™ will give you as the client a more pleasant waxing experience because the wax is kept at a consistent temperature ensuring little to no breakage when removing the strips by your wax specialist. No breakage is important to you as the client to ensure proper hair removal from the root.

Natural Beeswax

Flexi Wax™ is made up of all-natural beeswax and skin conditioners which will keep your skin free of breakouts and irritation, redness, and chemical reactions. The natural beeswax and conditioners will leave skin feeling soft and smooth after each waxing service.

All-natural fragrance

Flexi Wax™ has an all-natural fragrance. The fragrance that you smell as the client is from the natural beeswax and conditioners made into the wax making the wax even great for the most sensitive skin.

Full Knowledge and education

Full knowledge and Education for our clients makes us different from the rest. Our full skincare regimen comes with all the instructions on keeping your skin healthy, free from ingrown hairs, bumps and breakouts. Clients will also know the hair growth cycle and when it is time for their next wax service.

Full face and Body services

Flexi Wax™ can be used on the full face and body. Flexi Wax™ has dual qualities offering soft wax and hard wax results.